The Lost Identity, 2015, acrylic & oil on canvas, 200 x 180 cm

Courtesy of the artist

The Lost Identity

In the present day of the modern world existence, collective consciousness is radically and rapidly changing in step with the development of liberal capitalism consumer culture.

Despite being biologically unprepared for major changes of technological challenges, modern man changes his life and aligns it increasingly with the virtual world that deprives him of the feeling of his own senses and imposes a new state of lost identity reality.

As an individual who is by his professional calling a sort of helmsman of collective consciousness, the artist looks for ways in different media to contribute to the protection of a country’s cultural identity and gives his own contribution to this immense collective heritage.

Faced with problems in their own society, artists often search for an exit outside their home country borders and set their art against lesser or larger cultures of other countries, which in turn have a certain different cultural heritage of their own.

These transitions yield new experiences, which significantly enrich the cultural scene; however, they are often mere attempts at identifying with the world, without a deeper and stronger contribution to the field of art.

The key element, essential in building a collective heritage, is an individual’s identity as the essence of the universe, without which there is no progress.

Mere repetition of contemporary trends will lead to the human mind’s atrophy. The identity will be lost forever and thus collective heritage will remain nothing more than just a testimony of the time that has nullified its own essence.

Identity regeneration is a necessary and natural process that will spontaneously rebuild the foundations of our civilization and restart the development wheel of a new cycle, which is an inevitable pulse of the universe.

Self-portrait, 2014, acrylic & oil on wood, 60 x 50 cm

Courtesy of the artist


Born in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in 1973. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1999. Actively involved in both domestic and foreign art scene with solo exhibitions as well as within international group exhibitions. The period of March-April 2004 he spent in Berlin, Germany, for the purpose of study and residence, and the period of August-September 2006 in Vienna, Austria, with Professor Adolf Frohner. He won the first prize for drawing in 1998 at the XX Exhibition of Drawings at the NBS Gallery and received praises for drawing from the Vladimir Velickovic Foundation, the CHAOS Gallery in 2009 and 2012. He is the organizer of international exhibitions Black / White and Transformations, as well as many other exhibitions at home and abroad.

He is also the founder of the FUNNEL - Artists Association and Gallery, based in Bucharest, aimed at gathering international artists from Southeast Europe.

He lives and works between Belgrade and Bucharest.

Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) since 2002.



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